These pins do no use the new titles voted on in 2021. Our 2022 pins were already produced before any title changes were ratified. 

Note from Jeff Hornberger, CEO of Women's Council of REALTORS:
The title changes are not outdated for 2022, nothing for anyone to worry about because these title changes are just official now. The plan is that networks are permitted to have a "phase out" period with titles. National recognizes both titles. 

For the 2023 lapel pin we will use these titles “President, President-elect, First Vice President, Treasurer, Event Director and Membership Director”

This Pack of 2022 Pins Contains One Each of the Following:

  • Local President Pin
  • Local Pres-Elect Pin
  • Local Secretary Pin
  • Local Treasurer Pin
  • Local Director of Membership (Replaced VP of Membership)
  • Local Director of Programs (Replaced VP of Membership)
Price: $53.70